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Due to unfavorable exchange rates, we do not currently have any vehicles in transit nor any current plans for future importations. We do however look forward to 2010, when the Canadian built Bombardier Iltis becomes DOT exempt and legal for importation to the US. Although the Bombardier Iltis tend to be in much poorer condition than their German counterparts, they also tend to be much less expensive and can be easily transported to the US.

At Iltis America, we can locate unusual and specialty vehicles for you and import them to the US. We specialize in 1983 and earlier models that are EPA/DOT exempt. Some vehicle types with which we have experience are of course the Iltis, as well as the Puch/Mercedes Benz G series, the Volkswagen Type 181 (Thing), all other types of air-cooled Volkswagen, Fiat 500 (Cinquecento), and all types of Volvo including the C303/TGB series 4x4 trucks. We of course are not limited to these types.

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